Friday, September 24, 2010

Fall 2010

Labor Day weekend, the first weekend in September, Central Bible Church had their Family Camp at Big Sky Bible Camp. Not only was Todd once again part of the planning process, but Central Bible asked him to be one of the speakers for the weekend. Also, AWANA started early in September. Todd is once again assisting with the AWANA program for Lion Hill Baptist Church in Martin City.

We will be starting Bible Clubs in a few weeks as well as working on raising support. In the meantime, Todd is looking at getting a part-time job. Due to expenses with vehicile breakdowns and the downturn in the economy, we need the extra income for the time being. Hopefully, this will be short term and just until the end of 2010.

Todd also is allowing other individuals to take up some of his church responsibilities such as the planning of annual church events like the Valentines Banquet and Men's Retreat. He will be continuing to teach Children's Church each week though.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Baby Isaiah

In early August we welcomed the newest addition to our family: a foster child named Isaiah. Isaiah had been neglected and bounced from one home to another for all of his short life. Because of this, when he entered our home he was severely malnourished and developmentally behind. Within a week of being in our home, he had already made much progress. He gained weight daily, learned to crawl, interact with people, and had already started the bonding process. Case workers and therapists were able to see these drastic improvements also. We are happy to have him in our home, and he has been a real blessing in our lives.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Summer Ministry Update

June was busy as the children finished school for the summer and Alanna graduated from highschool. Soon after, Brenda taught a class at Central Bible Church's Vacation Bible School. Although it required much time and work, she really enjoyed being able to work with the young kindergarten-aged children. While Brenda was teaching VBS, Todd was busy with staff training at Big Sky Bible Camp. Big Sky Bible Camp was blessed this year with a full set of staff. Praise the Lord! Also, in June, Alanna had to have a surgery which caused her to become unemployed as her position at Lowe's was seasonal and she required time to heal. This was a disappointment to her, but Alanna was able to work at Big Sky Bible Camp later on in the summer and really enjoyed her time there.

July was busy as camp was in full swing. Todd counselled two weeks, spoke two weeks, and taught Bible classes and various electives during the other weeks throughout the summer. While Todd was at camp from dawn until dusk, Brenda and Linea worked on planning for our trip to Canada. In Canada, we taught a Kid's Club as well as a Junior Missionary Conference for the Waldheim Missions Conference. Throughout the trip, which was just over a week long, there were nine different speaking engagements. Seven of those speaking times involved the Kid's Club and Junior Missionary Conference and included songs, crafts, and games.

Here are a couple pictures of the Junior Missionary Conference:

August was also full of activity. The first week of August we took in a foster baby. (More detail to come in a later post.)Big Sky Bible Camp finished its summer season in mid-August. The children then started getting ready for school as school started on the 25th of August. We also took Alanna to college in Oregon (August 26-29). We are grateful to Karen DeVries who was willing to stay with the children while we took Mallory and baby Isaiah with us to Oregon.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Second Annual Canada Mission's Trip

Once again, we are planning to spend time ministering in Canada. Last year our trip included attending the Waldheim Missions Conference, assisting Torch Trail Bible Camp, and speaking at Neuanlage Grace Mennonite Church's family camp. As the trip last year was an "experiment", this year we will be shortening the trip. Our agenda includes attending the Waldheim Missions Conference and a community outreach for children in Waldheim.

At the Waldheim Missions Conference we hosted a "Kid's Conference" so that the children of Waldheim would be able to learn about world missions in an exciting way. We sang songs, played games, learned about a missionary in another country, and shared a snack similar to food eaten in the missionary's country with the children. We enjoyed our time there immensely as the members of the community of Waldheim were very welcoming and hospitable. A couple at the church, Wes and Lynn Friesen hosted all nine of us in their home. Not only did they share their lovely home but Lynn provided us with delicious meals throughout the course of our week long stay. We were invited back to do the Waldheim Missions Conference's Kid's Conference again. Along with the Kid's Conference, Waldheim Missions Conference wants us to do an outreach for the unchurched children in the community at a local park. We are excited to see how things turn out. You can be praying for us as we prepare for the trip and as we minister in Canada this summer. The dates of the conference are July 25-28.

If you would like more information, here is the ulr to Waldheim Mission's Conference's website.

Alanna: Class of 2010

Alanna will be graduating on June 5, 2010. Everyone is welcome to come. The ceremony is at 11:00am at Flathead High School. Below is one of Alanna's senior pictures.

Alanna will be working this hard summer. She has added an additional mowing job, so she now has a total of three. Along with her usually mowing jobs, Alanna was hired at Lowe's as a Seasonal Cashier with nearly full-time hours.

She plans on attending Corban University (formerly Western Baptist University) in Salem, Oregon this fall. She will be majoring in accounting and business administration,and minoring in Bible as she desires to combine accounting into full-time missions in the future. Please pray that the Lord will provide the finaces so she will have the oppotunity to attend.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Update: Mexican Church

We just learned about the damage to the church caused by the 7.2 earthquake that hit Mexico Easter Sunday. The building is largely intact but the back wall of the church "crumbled." It had been damaged by the fire previously which had caused the brick wall to crack in multiple places. The roof is now being held up temporarily.

Here is a picture of the wall the week before Easter.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Danae's Baptism!

Danae was baptized Easter Sunday. She had expressed a desire to be baptized for a quite a while and two weeks before she was baptized her Sunday School teacher, Mrs. Irene Z., taught a lesson on baptism. This gave Danae the encouragement that she needed. She was brave and beautiful as she gave her testimony in front of the congregation on Easter Sunday.

Todd was able to baptize her; he has also baptized Alanna, Linea, and Levi.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mexico Outreach 2010

Alanna and Linea went to Mexico again this year with a group from our church, Central Bible Church. Each year they assisted a Mexican church in Abasolo as well as hosting a Vacation Bible School and Women's Bible Study.

The group left Montana not knowing how they could help the local Mexican church which had been burnt down recently, but when they arrived God blessed them in unexpectant ways. First of all, God provided the know-how. A contractor from Hotville, California, along with some of his employees came down to help install trusses in order to replace the roof. Secondly, God provided the manpower. With having a smaller team and only six guys, they were lacking manpower but the contractor brought some men and a pastor from another Mexican church came to help along with some men in his congregation. Lastly, God provided the finances. Partway through the week the team realized they were short nearly $500. They let their needs be known and early the next day God had provided the entire sum through members of the team and other teams ministering in Mexico.

Also, God kept each member of the team healthy throughout the week. One of the girls on the team started to lose her voice. The team prayed and the next morning her voice was as strong as ever.

The Vacation Bible School went well as the children learned of Jesus Christ's sacrifice for them on the cross and how they could be saved. The team was able to give each child their own bag with pencils, coloring pages, and a Bible.

Throughout the week God showed His grace and even spared the team from being in the center of an earthquake. On Easter Sunday, there was a 7.2 earthquake with its epicenter right were the team had been only days earlier. Although there were few causilities, injuries, and structural damage, continue to pray for Mexico for its complete recovery.

Bible Clubs

Each week Todd has four Bible Clubs in public schools here in the Flathead Valley at Helena Flats School, Olney-Bissell School, Cayuse Prairie School, and Smith Valley Elementary. At the clubs, they play games, sing songs, pray, study the Bible, and get treats. This years theme has been "God Provides for Us," a study through the books of Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy.

Brenda has been able to help Todd as Alanna is now able to pick the younger kids up from school. Along with Brenda's assistance twice a week, God has blessed Todd with an additional helper, Ryan Nice, for the remaining clubs. Ryan is a intern at Big Sky Bible Camp from Pennslyvania. Along with assisting Director Jamy Landis at BSBC, Ryan has also been learning from Todd in order to gain practical experience in children's ministries. Ryan has also recently been teaching some lessons.

Another great blessing has come through the women at Central Bible Church. They have been providing treats, such as cookies, for the children on a weekly basis. The children have really enjoyed the vast variety of cookies! This has also lightened Brenda's workload immensely and helped to get others involved in our ministry.

If you would like to get involved as well, please contact us using the information at the bottom of this page.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mexico Missions

Each year Central Bible Church sends a team to Mexico to minister. This Missions Trip is sponsored my Azusa Pacific University. We leave the Thursday before Palm Sunday and return home on Easter Sunday. Driving from Montana to Mexico can be quite an adventure! Each year, while in Mexico, we assisted a local Mexican church in Abasolo along with various other ministries. We help the church with a Vacation Bible School, Women's Bible Study, and a building/work project. Recently, this church was burned down, and it is thought to be the action of an arsonist. A church from Holtville, California is assisting them at this time so we do not know what to except when we arrive there in March. The church in Abasolo has dealt with much persecution, particularly from the local Catholic church and her members, so we are hoping the church has the courage to persevere through yet another trial.

What can you do?

Please pray for the church in Abasolo. Also pray for Central Bible Church's 2010 Mexico Team as we prepare for the coming trip. Pray that we can raise the necessary funds for the trip through supporters and fundraisers such as the Valentine's Banquet this Saturday. Also, if you would like to support the team monetarily you can send checks to: Central Bible Church, 902 1st Avenue East, Kalispell, MT 59901. If you give, please remember to also put a note that it is for the Bonefeoles' Mexico Missions Trip Fund or simply the Mexico Missions Trip so your money is sent aside for the trip.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Welcome to the Bonefeole's New Blogspot!

Life is busy in the Bonefeole household with nine people going in different directions. As the New Year unfolds, we are working on updating everyone more often.

So what's happening?

Todd: Along with Bible Clubs, Todd is working with Lion Hill Baptist's Church's AWANA club. Also, Todd has been working on planning events, such as the Men's Retreat and Valentine's Banquet (a fundraiser), for Central Bible Church. We have also been planning our summer. Once again, we are planning on visiting Canada. One of the events on our agenda is a Kids Conference for Waldheim Missions Conference. Todd is also planning on going on Central Bible Church's annual missions trip to Mexico with Alanna and Linea.

Brenda: Doctors appointments, homework, piano lessons: these are just some of Brenda's responsibilities. Brenda has also been assisting Todd with two of his weekly Bible Clubs and is an active member or Maranatha, a Women's Ministry group at Central Bible Church. Brenda, also, has been helping with the Valentine's Banquet as she is responsible for providing the desserts for the 22+ couples that will be attending the event.

Alanna: Alanna will be graduating this June. Her future plans include attending college, becoming an accountant, and working for a mission's organization. She plans on attending Corban College in Salem, Oregon if finances permit. Corban is a Baptist college where each of their students Minor in Bible. Alanna is also active in Central Bible Church's orchestra and choir.

Linea: Linea is a sophomore (10th grade) and doing great in school. She enjoys choir and singing in general. She is also an active part of Central Bible Church's orchestra.

Levi: Levi is also doing well in school. He is in 5th grade and looking forward to playing in Band next year. He is extremely excited that this fall he will be able to hunt!

Danae: Danae is in 3rd grade and doing fabulous. Her teacher has been discussing the possibility of skipping a year of school. Unfortunately, Danae has been missing a lot of school due to asthma issues. She recently visisted a specialist who is working to keep her asthma under control.

Megan: Megan is in 1st grade and enjoys a variety of activities. She is a real blessing and brings much joy and laughter to our lives.

Brett: Brett is a kindergartner. He is very social. He enjoys nature and his extensive rock collection.

Mallory: Mallory is our beautiful little sunshine. We really enjoy our extra time with her during the day.