Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Welcome to the Bonefeole's New Blogspot!

Life is busy in the Bonefeole household with nine people going in different directions. As the New Year unfolds, we are working on updating everyone more often.

So what's happening?

Todd: Along with Bible Clubs, Todd is working with Lion Hill Baptist's Church's AWANA club. Also, Todd has been working on planning events, such as the Men's Retreat and Valentine's Banquet (a fundraiser), for Central Bible Church. We have also been planning our summer. Once again, we are planning on visiting Canada. One of the events on our agenda is a Kids Conference for Waldheim Missions Conference. Todd is also planning on going on Central Bible Church's annual missions trip to Mexico with Alanna and Linea.

Brenda: Doctors appointments, homework, piano lessons: these are just some of Brenda's responsibilities. Brenda has also been assisting Todd with two of his weekly Bible Clubs and is an active member or Maranatha, a Women's Ministry group at Central Bible Church. Brenda, also, has been helping with the Valentine's Banquet as she is responsible for providing the desserts for the 22+ couples that will be attending the event.

Alanna: Alanna will be graduating this June. Her future plans include attending college, becoming an accountant, and working for a mission's organization. She plans on attending Corban College in Salem, Oregon if finances permit. Corban is a Baptist college where each of their students Minor in Bible. Alanna is also active in Central Bible Church's orchestra and choir.

Linea: Linea is a sophomore (10th grade) and doing great in school. She enjoys choir and singing in general. She is also an active part of Central Bible Church's orchestra.

Levi: Levi is also doing well in school. He is in 5th grade and looking forward to playing in Band next year. He is extremely excited that this fall he will be able to hunt!

Danae: Danae is in 3rd grade and doing fabulous. Her teacher has been discussing the possibility of skipping a year of school. Unfortunately, Danae has been missing a lot of school due to asthma issues. She recently visisted a specialist who is working to keep her asthma under control.

Megan: Megan is in 1st grade and enjoys a variety of activities. She is a real blessing and brings much joy and laughter to our lives.

Brett: Brett is a kindergartner. He is very social. He enjoys nature and his extensive rock collection.

Mallory: Mallory is our beautiful little sunshine. We really enjoy our extra time with her during the day.


  1. We are so proud to call you our UNCLE Todd, AUNT Brenda and COUSINS! We love you all so much!

  2. Whoa. You've got a huge family.