Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mexico Outreach 2010

Alanna and Linea went to Mexico again this year with a group from our church, Central Bible Church. Each year they assisted a Mexican church in Abasolo as well as hosting a Vacation Bible School and Women's Bible Study.

The group left Montana not knowing how they could help the local Mexican church which had been burnt down recently, but when they arrived God blessed them in unexpectant ways. First of all, God provided the know-how. A contractor from Hotville, California, along with some of his employees came down to help install trusses in order to replace the roof. Secondly, God provided the manpower. With having a smaller team and only six guys, they were lacking manpower but the contractor brought some men and a pastor from another Mexican church came to help along with some men in his congregation. Lastly, God provided the finances. Partway through the week the team realized they were short nearly $500. They let their needs be known and early the next day God had provided the entire sum through members of the team and other teams ministering in Mexico.

Also, God kept each member of the team healthy throughout the week. One of the girls on the team started to lose her voice. The team prayed and the next morning her voice was as strong as ever.

The Vacation Bible School went well as the children learned of Jesus Christ's sacrifice for them on the cross and how they could be saved. The team was able to give each child their own bag with pencils, coloring pages, and a Bible.

Throughout the week God showed His grace and even spared the team from being in the center of an earthquake. On Easter Sunday, there was a 7.2 earthquake with its epicenter right were the team had been only days earlier. Although there were few causilities, injuries, and structural damage, continue to pray for Mexico for its complete recovery.

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