Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Summer Ministry Update

June was busy as the children finished school for the summer and Alanna graduated from highschool. Soon after, Brenda taught a class at Central Bible Church's Vacation Bible School. Although it required much time and work, she really enjoyed being able to work with the young kindergarten-aged children. While Brenda was teaching VBS, Todd was busy with staff training at Big Sky Bible Camp. Big Sky Bible Camp was blessed this year with a full set of staff. Praise the Lord! Also, in June, Alanna had to have a surgery which caused her to become unemployed as her position at Lowe's was seasonal and she required time to heal. This was a disappointment to her, but Alanna was able to work at Big Sky Bible Camp later on in the summer and really enjoyed her time there.

July was busy as camp was in full swing. Todd counselled two weeks, spoke two weeks, and taught Bible classes and various electives during the other weeks throughout the summer. While Todd was at camp from dawn until dusk, Brenda and Linea worked on planning for our trip to Canada. In Canada, we taught a Kid's Club as well as a Junior Missionary Conference for the Waldheim Missions Conference. Throughout the trip, which was just over a week long, there were nine different speaking engagements. Seven of those speaking times involved the Kid's Club and Junior Missionary Conference and included songs, crafts, and games.

Here are a couple pictures of the Junior Missionary Conference:

August was also full of activity. The first week of August we took in a foster baby. (More detail to come in a later post.)Big Sky Bible Camp finished its summer season in mid-August. The children then started getting ready for school as school started on the 25th of August. We also took Alanna to college in Oregon (August 26-29). We are grateful to Karen DeVries who was willing to stay with the children while we took Mallory and baby Isaiah with us to Oregon.

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