Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fall Family Update

Greetings from the Bonefeole Family! Here is a brief family update and newer pictures:

Todd and Brenda are quite busy managing a large household and ministry. Please keep them in your prayers. Some prayer requests include: energy and general health, Brenda's back pain, Todd and Brenda's dental maintenance,  and most importantly that they can continue to be used to serve our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Isaiah's our sweet little goofball. He loves hugs and getting his family to laugh. Praise the Lord that his health has been better and his eating disorders have greatly decreased. He still struggles with some delays but has enjoyed his two mornings a week of speech therapy preschool. This has been helpful in his advancement. Please continue to pray for his improvement in his areas of delay.

Mallory still hasn't figured out she isn't the youngest yet! She's doing well in school and enjoys being the life of the party wherever she goes.

Brett is a great big brother. Brett and Isaiah have a great brotherly bond as Isaiah absolutely adores his older brother. Also, Brett enjoys school and is doing well as he learns new and harder things.

Megan continues to be our compassionate, beautiful young lady. She has such a big heart for people, especially those with needs. She is back in Hedges Elementary this year and doing well. Please pray for her as she makes friends and continues working on developing focusing skills for a classroom environment.

Danae harvested her first deer! She has joined the ranks of successful hunters and has thoroughly enjoyed herself. Danae is being home schooled this school year as some medical problems have caused her to be unable to attend Kalispell Middle School. We are hoping this time can be used to challenge her academically and possibly set her ahead a grade next fall. Danae experienced chronic migraines for about a month which only now have been able to be more maintained. She had a MRI recently as they are trying to work on a more permanent solution and a possible connection to her severe asthma. She will also need to have surgeries on both her feet within the next couple years.  Please pray for her health.

Levi has now reached the height of six feet! He does great in school where he is definitely one tall eighth grader. We are pleased that Levi's recent MRI showed little to no growth as the specialists have decided to watch it before proceeding to brain surgery. Continue to pray that the cyst will not grow or cause him problems.

Linea is attending the local community college, Flathead Valley Community College. She is working on a teaching degree as she eventually hopes to teach overseas. She was blessed with a great job and has purchased a nice car.

Alanna has moved out and is living with a friend. She is studying accounting at Flathead Valley Community College and continues to work at Lowe's.

Post Summer Ministry Update

This summer was busy, as usually, with speaking engagements and camping ministries. As a family, we spent much of the summer at Big Sky Bible Camp. Todd spoke for two of the traditional weeks of camp, but the highlight of the summer was day camp. Together, Todd and Brenda directed the two weeks of day camp for kindergarten through second graders. Brenda did great with the organizational aspects of preparation and execution- coming up with lesson plans, crafts, schedules- while also helping Todd with the hands-on aspects of teaching and games. The first week focused on the life of Joseph making puppets with coats-of-many-colors. Each camper took home a shield  the second week as they focused on the Armor of God. It was amazing to see the work of God in the children's lives as we had much feedback from parents and coworkers about the children's excitement from the lessons they were learning. It was also wonderful to be a part of children coming to the saving knowledge of God's grace. Below are some links to video slide shows from our time at Big Sky Bible Camp this summer.

With our children heading to school at the end of August, our ministry has shifted gears. While Brenda spends her time at children's appointments and helping with homework, Todd has continued to spend time at camp helping with retreats. Recently, all the students from Kalispell Middle School [where Levi attends] were just one of the groups using Big Sky Bible Camp's Ropes Course. Todd has also had speaking engagements at First Baptist Church in Bigfork and Stillwater Christian School.

We have continued to teach Children's Church at Central Bible Church as we prepare for the upcoming season of Bible Clubs. Please keep us in your prayers as we make our way back into the public schools teaching the knowledge of Christ's love and forgiveness.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Important: Please Pray for Levi!

Please pray for Levi as he will most likely be having brain surgery to remove a cyst the size of a tennis ball.

We found out that Levi had a cyst between the two sides of his brain after headaches when Levi was four or five years old. It was a fluke that we even found it as he had it from birth. For the next few years, the neurologist monitored it with an MRI once or twice a year. In 2008, the neurologist believed it would probably never cause Levi any problems since 80% of patients do not develop any issues.

Less than a month ago, Levi went for a routine eye exam. As part of the exam, Levi had his eyes dilated. This caused him to turn gray, pass out, and go into a mini seizure. The optometrist had seen this affect (called a Vasovagal Reflex) on rare occasions and was not worried about any further problems, but recommended an MRI because of Levi's history. About a week later, Levi hurt his thumb in the door and started passing out again. And again, at Costco and while watching a movie after no injury or prompter. We immediately had Levi go in for another MRI.

Upon getting the results back, we found out that the cyst has grown significantly. It is now the size of a tennis ball! Yesterday, Levi had an appointment with the neurologist. He believes that surgery is the best option. Right now, the cyst is not dangerous. It is not cancerous or part of the brain, but left to grow, it could eventually cause brain damage. The doctor advises removing it now before it becomes an emergency surgery. The surgery should not be very invasive as it does not require cutting into the brain and they can go through the soft spot on the top of the head instead of drilling through the skull. Nonetheless, any brain surgery is a big deal.

Please pray for Levi (and our family). Pray for peace of mind and knowledge of the doctors. Next week, he has an appointment to test if he has, or even will have, seizures caused by the cyst. From there, we will need to talk to other specialists, neurologists, and neurosurgeons to figure out the best course of action.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Ministry Update

The camping season went well as Todd and Linea ministered at Big Sky Bible Camp. As Fall came, the children returned to school. Todd was able to assist with various groups from the schools in the Flathead Valley as they spent time at Big Sky Bible Camp's ropes course. Many of these school's are public schools!

Our family started our Bible clubs once again. We are in Hedges Elementary, Olney-Bissell School, Cayuse Prairie School, and Smith Valley School again. We enjoy spending time each week building relationships, playing games, teaching, and praying with these public school children. Brenda prepares cookies and snacks for each of the clubs. Todd also speaks at Stillwater Christian School regularly for their chapel times.

Todd and Brenda continue to stay involved at Central Bible Church, our local church. They have been teaching their Children's Church class for quite some time now and continue to enjoy it. Their students include special needs children who, at times, need special attention and love.

It's 2012! And Here is an Update from the Bonefeole's.

Isaiah's a Bonefeole! We are excited to announce: Isaiah's adoption was finalized December 29, 2011 and he is officially a Bonefeole. We have been so blessed to have him in our home and now to legally have him as our son. He is a beautiful, smart, happy little boy and brings much joy to our home. Please continue to pray for Isaiah. Unfortunately, he seems to catch every sickness that comes his way and struggles with health and gaining weight.

Mallory recently turned six and loves Kindergarten. She seems to be the life of the party wherever she goes. She enjoys many activities. Recently she has taken up haircutting much to the teacher's dismay!

Brett loves school, learning, and reading. He continues to enjoy rocks and exploring. He is a handsome young man.

Megan has been homeschooled this year. She enjoys regular field trips at places like the library and a local farm with her "Church Grandma," Janice Louden.

Danae is a talented young lady: academically and all around. She continues to be a great help and huge blessing at home.

Levi continues to do well in school. He enjoys band class and playing his alto saxophone. Levi's passions include hunting and fishing.

Linea is a senior this year! She is excited to embark on the the next chapter of her life. Pray for her in her college search and preparations for graduation and college.

Alanna attended Montana Bible College in Bozeman, Montana this past semester. She learned much more about the God's Word and serving Him. Alanna is very thankful to the members of Central Bible Church who contributed financially to her tuition. She will be at home for this next semester. She was able to transfer back to the Kalispell Lowe's store from Bozeman and was blessed with a raise.

Brenda continues to remain very busy as she runs a household of ten. Along with the normal, day to day, challenges, she homeschools Megan, brings Isaiah to therapy visits, and is a vital part of our ministry.

Todd works part time at Mountain View Gardens along with our ministry in order to assist financially. He has been blessed with relatively good health since his surgery this past fall. Without complication, the mass was removed from his stomach lining and was only binign.