Friday, March 16, 2012

Important: Please Pray for Levi!

Please pray for Levi as he will most likely be having brain surgery to remove a cyst the size of a tennis ball.

We found out that Levi had a cyst between the two sides of his brain after headaches when Levi was four or five years old. It was a fluke that we even found it as he had it from birth. For the next few years, the neurologist monitored it with an MRI once or twice a year. In 2008, the neurologist believed it would probably never cause Levi any problems since 80% of patients do not develop any issues.

Less than a month ago, Levi went for a routine eye exam. As part of the exam, Levi had his eyes dilated. This caused him to turn gray, pass out, and go into a mini seizure. The optometrist had seen this affect (called a Vasovagal Reflex) on rare occasions and was not worried about any further problems, but recommended an MRI because of Levi's history. About a week later, Levi hurt his thumb in the door and started passing out again. And again, at Costco and while watching a movie after no injury or prompter. We immediately had Levi go in for another MRI.

Upon getting the results back, we found out that the cyst has grown significantly. It is now the size of a tennis ball! Yesterday, Levi had an appointment with the neurologist. He believes that surgery is the best option. Right now, the cyst is not dangerous. It is not cancerous or part of the brain, but left to grow, it could eventually cause brain damage. The doctor advises removing it now before it becomes an emergency surgery. The surgery should not be very invasive as it does not require cutting into the brain and they can go through the soft spot on the top of the head instead of drilling through the skull. Nonetheless, any brain surgery is a big deal.

Please pray for Levi (and our family). Pray for peace of mind and knowledge of the doctors. Next week, he has an appointment to test if he has, or even will have, seizures caused by the cyst. From there, we will need to talk to other specialists, neurologists, and neurosurgeons to figure out the best course of action.